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March 08, 2013

CertainSource Lives Up to PCH's Expectations of Accelerated Growth

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is an American multichannel direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions, household merchandise to consumers, rich promotions and sweepstakes excitement, and has been attracting customers to achieve sales growth year after year.

However, in keeping with its aggressive growth goals PCH desired to further accelerate customer and revenue, decided to deploy eWayDirect’s CertainSource 2.0multichannel B2C customer acquisition solution.

CertainSource lives up to its name as it delivers new online, mobile and tablet customers, as well as a list of qualified prospects inclined to become future customers. Its rigorous triple-qualification process, which works across multiple digital touch points, is capable of identifying prospects, confirming purchase intent and minimizing brand risk.

It has been said that in a very short time, CertainSource proved to be as good as if not better than paid search, affiliate marketing and third-party e-mails. "CertainSource has opened a whole new acquisition channel that has exceeded our expectations, delivering highly qualified customers who are already engaged with our brand," said Sal Tripi at Publishers Clearing House.

Apparently the investment in CertainSource paid off, for in just four months of the PCH campaign, it achieved its customer-acquisition targets cost-effectively while reducing risk to the PCH brand."PCH came to us with an already incredibly large database, so finding new customers was challenging," said Neil Rosen, CEO at eWayDirect.

He also observed that with the aid of CertainSource's intense qualification process, eWayDirect was able to deliver highly qualified prospects and new customers at a rate that satisfied PCH's aggressive growth goals at a very effective price point.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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