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February 28, 2013

Gigamon Turns Big Data into Manageable Data

Analyzing big data is a tedious, costly process. While big data solutions, like Hadoop are clearly helping big businesses manage and analyze such huge amounts of data, a cost-effective solution, that offers big data analytics for mobile carriers by controlling the volume of traffic flowing through large pipes, has been hard to find, until now that is.

At the ongoing Mobile world Congress, Gigamon (News - Alert), a provider of traffic visibility solutions with its Visibility Fabric, has announced a technology under development that allows single tools to effectively process throughput on a smaller scale from 100Gb or 40Gb traffic flows. The new innovation will work together with Gigamon’s GigaSMART and Flow Mapping app technologies. GigaSMART apps modify, manipulate, transform and transport packets to enhance and improve traffic value, while Flow Mapping enables advanced filtering of individual packets based on user-defined rules.

The continued growth of data from mobile devices and applications has demanded an efficient, effective and economical way of monitoring traffic for performance and quality of service. The growth of connections from 40G and 100G has intensified the velocity and volume of big data, and Gigamon’s approach is intended to tackle these challenges by breaking it up into smaller, more manageable chunks without compromising quality.

Gigamon’s innovation offers visibility into 100Gb and 40Gb pipes for mobile carrier environments while allowing users to concentrate on specific types of traffic flows through these pipes. The resulting data can then be packaged into smaller pipes and channeled through a tool that can more readily focus on traffic that requires analysis. Gigamon’s technology also grants customers the flexibility to decide on the amount of data to be viewed.

According to the company’s director of service provider solutions, Andy Huckridge (News - Alert), “Gigamon was the first to recognize that the flow of data rushing through mobile carrier pipes has scaled to such levels that no technology out there can sufficiently filter and process it all.” As a result, Gigamon designed an entirely new approach totackling the issues associated with big data.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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