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February 26, 2013

FortiGuard Labs Unveils Threat Intelligence Technology to Stop Advanced Persistent Threats

Network security provider Fortinet (News - Alert) announced a new cloud-based sandboxing and IP reputation services from FortiGuard Labs. The new services are designed to stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APT (News - Alert)).

The new unique threat intelligence technology is designed to offer enhanced protection for FortiGate, FortiCloud, FortiWeb, FortiDDoS and FortiDNS network and application security platforms.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are usually operated by highly-skilled teams or governments to reach specific targets and obtain sensitive or classified information. Reconnaissance is carried out on each target to determine best method of entry.

Social engineering or zero-day vulnerabilities are the most common infection vectors.

FortiGuard’s cloud-based sandboxing service has the ability to detect malware thanks to its behavioral attributes. Suspicious files can be submitted to the new hosted service for further scanning without significantly impacting a FortiGate's performance. 

A new online sandboxing portal provides visibility into scanned results.

FortiGuard Services offer broad security solutions including antivirus, intrusion prevention, Web content filtering and anti-spam capabilities. These services help protect against threats on both application and network layers.

The FortiGuard IP reputation service from FortiGuard Labs investigates and monitors IPs that are compromised or behaving abnormally. The service uses different techniques such as historical analysis, honeypots and botnet analysis to provide immediate protection for FortiGate, FortiWeb and FortiDDoS platforms against wide-scale automated attacks.

 "Today's advanced persistent threats are challenging both IT personnel and network security vendors. While the signature approach to malware abatement is not going away overnight, additional dynamic safeguards need to be implemented now in order to effectively combat these threats at all layers in rapid fashion," said Derek Manky, global security strategist for Fortinet.

According to Manky, the new services offer a strategic approach to detect and respond to breaking threats from numerous attack vectors. “Modern threats strike and shift quickly and so should detection."

FortiGuard Labs recently identified critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe (News - Alert) Shockwave Player. Since 2008, FortiGuard Labs has reported more than 150 zero-day vulnerabilities, 124 of which have been fixed by the appropriate vendors.

Edited by Braden Becker

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