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February 26, 2013

WISeKey Releases Latest Version of Voice Encryption Solution, WISePhone 2

WISeKey announced on Monday at Mobile World Congress (News - Alert) that it had released its WISePhone 2 voice encryption solution. The Geneva, Switzerland-based company had recently been given Telecommunication Provider Status by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, which allows WISeKey to distribute the solution to the public.

WISePhone 2 is available as an application that can be downloaded from Google (News - Alert) and Apple app stores. Afterward, users must create an account.

The solution is specifically designed for any organization concerned that its voice communications could be hacked and sensitive information compromised. When WISePhone 2 and the WISeID app are used together, it creates a secure environment where users can freely communicate.

WISeID is a secure encrypted password management system that allows users to safely store user IDs and passwords for the various environments and sites that require password authentication. The program runs on iPhone (News - Alert) or iPod Touch and uses 256-bit AES encryption.

WISeKey has developed several other solutions designed to provide users with extra security online as well.

WISePay provides convenient yet secure means for users to make common financial transactions. It supports peer-to-peer money transfers between two users, and audio and video content can be purchased and delivered directly to the phone. Users can also pay bills, perform banking and pay loans using WISePay from their device.  

Security features include encryption, maximum transaction amounts and a protocol that does not store sensitive information in phone memory.

The eKey+ solution allows users to set up a mobile office environment where they can securely access enterprise systems as though they were physically at the office. Plugging in a USB device resembling a memory stick will provide a secure system even if the computer being used is not secure.

Other solutions offered by WISeKey include various public key infrastructure (PKI) platforms, e-identity solutions and smartcard technology.

Cyber attacks have always been a problem in computing, and even though usage has shifted toward mobile devices and a variety of platforms, these breaches are still a problem vendors need to catch up to.

WISePhone 2, along with the other WISeKey solutions, give users a convenient way to perform the usual tasks, but in a much safer environment.

Edited by Braden Becker

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