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February 26, 2013

Can We Ever Secure the Internet? Damballa and F-Secure Say So

A battle royale is on.

Cyber criminals are evolving more intelligently, finding ways to circumvent advancing technology and manifest newer techniques, while IT security companies are working overtime to arrest cyber crime and thwart the efforts of these predators, who seemingly don’t sleep.

Assuming a united effort will augur a safer and more secure Internet experience for consumers, the two big wigs in the IT security industry – F-Secure (News - Alert) Corporation, an online safety and personal cloud provider; and Damballa, provider of advanced threat protection solutions – reportedly entered into a strategic partnership.

Together, the Damballa CSP (News - Alert) (communications service provider) solution, regarded as the gold standard for automating the identification of infected subscribers, is expected with F-Secure Antibot to fortify the Internet for subscribers by automatically detecting and remediating infections on their devices.

As an expert in threat protection solutions, Damballa’s CSP helps identify cyber criminals in enterprise networks, malware-infected subscribers in carrier networks and compromised devices that pose a huge security risk. F-Secure Antibot provides the healing touch by disinfecting targeted devices by guiding users through a simple self-cleaning process.

“With Damballa CSP and F-Secure Antibot, ISP and telco operators can now detect subscriber infections as well as automate the remediation of infections on subscriber devices,” observed Pekka Mettala, head of global business development at F-Secure.

Thus ISP and telco operators are apparently better armed and equipped to protect their customers from identity theft, loss of sensitive data and financial fraud. This is believed to be a huge step forward in the relentless effort to safeguard consumers from the atrocities of cyber criminals.

Damballa claims to protect any type of server or endpoint device across corporate, ISP and telco networks, and is currently shielding more than 300 million endpoints worldwide at mid-sized and large enterprises in every major market.

With the latest threat reports from F-secure indicating that botnets are flourishing with new methods of hampering device and Internet performance, posing a risk to consumer privacy, the partnership between two IT security companies is indeed reassuring.

But for how long will it remain so? Given the eternal tussle between cyber criminals and the IT security industry, it’s hard to tell. A united effort to thwart these stalkers of the Internet could well be the answer to an Internet future that’s safer and more secure.

Edited by Braden Becker

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