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February 25, 2013

Skyera Receives More Funding for Latest-Generation Solid State Storage Flash Technology

Since the computer evolution, processing power and storage capacity have always been two very important design components. With the advent of Solid State Storage (SSS), a technique that electronically stores data on silicon microchips, compressing storage capacity into miniature units with no mechanical parts, hence higher access speeds with improved efficiency and accurate lifespan predictability, is now possible.

Skyera Inc., a provider of enterprise SSS systems, announced a $51.6 million funding deal from Dell (News - Alert) Ventures and other strategic investors who are interested in seeing more efficient SSS solutions in future. By sealing this deal, Skyera secures its second round of institutional funding since its venture into the SSS development field.

Already knee deep in the production of these solutions designed to permit a variety of applications to work faster whilst consuming low power, the extra funding is crucial in the fast implementation of the latest-generation flash technology in Skyera’s design labs.

Code-named the skyHawk series, these enterprise SSS systems will be the first of the latest 19/20 nanometer solid-state technology solutions to directly replace traditional hard disk-based systems. By investing in these solutions, enterprises will save $3 per gigabyte to start.

Experts agree with the fact that Skyera, by leveraging the capabilities of the still unexploited SSS solution capabilities, offers innovative technology necessary in the creation of devices whose storage media size and access match their processing speeds.

Currently, many Central Processing Units (CPU) handle data faster than their storage systems can deliver it. This input output bottleneck leads to a lag time (latency) that drastically reduces overall machine performance. Though there are different disk searching algorithms in place to counter this, the actual solution to the problem will be the use of storage systems with more consistent and reliable input output turnover, which is exactly what solid state storage units have to offer.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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