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February 21, 2013

Bytware Reveals Messenger 8

Bytware, a Help/Systems, LLC company that provides security and management solutions for IBM (News - Alert) Power Systems servers, just announced a new version of its own IBM i message monitoring tool, called Messenger 8.

The new version adds more features related to job management and compliance reporting.

Enhancements implemented in Messenger 8 will assist IBM Power Systems server administrators in quickly finding running jobs that are essential to business operations using search. Because of this, IT staff will be able to quickly get to the root of any issue and respond to emergencies immediately, significantly improving upon the abilities presented by IBM i.

These enhancements result in greater uptime, increased standard compliance, and increased automation, allowing a company with limited staff to stay afloat.

Bytware's product support manager, Heather Beck, said, "More and more of our customers are deploying virtualization technologies, and our products need to support that flexible infrastructure. Messenger now supports Live Partition Mobility to guarantee there is no outage with their systems monitoring while they are performing that load balancing act."

Added to this, Messenger 8 includes a way to deal with regulatory auditors that makes life easier for both the company and the auditor. Staff can now conjure up lists of all the devices associated with their IBM Power Systems server, including to whom the device belongs, and schedules configured for such devices.

A great way to make an impression on an auditor is to have all information ready and easily accessible.

Of course, we must also move onto the issue of security. Lately, it's become a top priority for every company to implement heightened security measures, considering the increasing amount of hacktivism. Messenger 8 addresses this issue by supporting servers that require SSL authentication.

This feature will allow managers to completely encrypt a server's data transactions, giving the company even more kudos for compliance.

Edited by Braden Becker

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