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February 15, 2013

Tanner EDA's Hiper Silicon AMS Now Complete with Incentia Tools to Boost Productivity for Analog, Mixed-Signal IC Designers

Tanner EDA, a source of IC design automation solutions, has reportedly integrated Incentia’s productivity enhancing tools into its HiPer Silicon AMS. The move is aimed at enabling the designers to enjoy maximum ease of use, likely to result in higher design productivity.

Incorporation of integrated circuits (IC) into mixed signal designs can greatly enhance the functionality and capabilities of mixed signal systems. On the flipside, they’re making the analog and mixed signal designs increasingly complex.

Then, due to business pressure, designers of mixed signal systems are required to act fast to minimize the time to market.

Tanner EDA’s IC design automation solutions are designed to address these needs of the designers. The company’s innovative solutions are not only used for design though; they are also used for the layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) ICs.

In an effort to ease the design process and making it even more cost-effective, Tanner EDA has integrated the DesignCraft and TimeCraft digital design tools from Incentia Design Systems into Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon AMS solution.

DesignCraft is Incentia's complete logic synthesis tool with the integrated ability to synthesize and optimize for area, power, timing and design-for-testability (DFT). TimeCraft is Incentia's high-speed, big-capacity, static timing analyzer (STA) for nanometer timing analysis and sign-off.

In a recent statement, Tanner EDA said that most of the electronic design automation tools currently available in the market are either expensive or require high levels of manual integration. The partnership with Incentia allows Tanner EDA to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools for design entry, simulation, debugging, static timing and synthesis for digital circuits.

The integration is believed to enhance the productivity of the A/MS design team in a cost-effective manner.

The Incentia DesignCraft and TimeCraft tools, previously sold either directly by the company or the resellers, will now be embedded into Tanner EDA’s A/MS flows. Tanner EDA will provide pre- and post-sales support to users of this joint solution.

Simply by using a modular installation wizard, individuals will be able to install and configure the tools according to their hardware configuration and desired use model. The tools will operate in a way that is consistent with the workflow of a mixed-signal circuit design.

“Integration with Tanner EDA’s full-flow A/MS design suite was a natural match for both companies. Incentia has a well-established base of users on the digital side; bundling our software into the widely-used Tanner EDA tools suite allows mixed-signal designers to access these capabilities easily and effectively,” said Ihao Chen, president and CEO at Incentia.

Last year, Incentia forged an agreement with sales and technical support provider EDATechForce to expand Incentia's sales presence in North America.

Edited by Braden Becker

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