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February 13, 2013

Calypto and Real Intent Combine Products for Reliable RTL Flow

Calypto Design Systems, a California-based leader in ESL hardware design, have paired up with Real Intent, a company that specializes in early verification software and advanced sign-off of electronic designs, to seamlessly integrate Calypto’s Catapult high-level synthesis tool with Real Intent’s Ascent Lint product.

The pairing of the two pieces of software will help create Catapult-generated RTL code that is lint clean and error free for safe and reliable implementation flow from RTL to GDSII layout.

“A key requirement for our customers is to seamlessly fit within existing design flows,” Shawn McCloud, vice president of Marketing at Calypto, said in a company statement. “More customers are moving to C++ or SystemC as an input language for hardware design where verification can be performed more exhaustively and up to 10,000X faster than RTL. Catapult Synthesis delivers the link from these abstract models to RTL, and integrating it with Real Intent’s RTL linter ensures an error-free design flow for today’s complex SoCs.”

Seven out of the top ten semiconductor companies and over 100 major consumer electronic companies in the world  use Catapult’s High Level Synthesis and PowerPro, according to company officials.

“By delivering high performance, capacity and low-noise reporting, Ascent Lint is a state-of-the-art RTL linter and rule checker for full-chip SoC analysis,” added Graham Bell, senior. director of Marketing, Real Intent. “Ascent Lint verifies RTL designs in minutes, which is nearly 50X faster than older lint tools. By integrating with Calypto’s synthesis tool, we enable designers to quickly go from ESL to gates, secure in the knowledge that their RTL code meets all of the industry quality standards in their implementation flow.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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