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February 12, 2013

Honeywell's Relialign Door Interlock Switch Portfolio Now Includes CDI Series for Commercial Applications

Honeywell (News - Alert) recently announced that its Relialign Door Interlock Switch Portfolio has been enhanced with a new version - The Commercial Door Interlock Switch, CDI Series which have been designed specifically for commercial applications. The latest offering from Honeywell has been developed to address commercial swing-door elevators, dumbwaiters, and platform/vertical lifts.

In a statement, Maria Cancino, senior global product marketing manager for Honeywell Sensing and Control, said that, “Honeywell’s Commercial Door Interlock Switches save customers time and reduce cost by eliminating engineering, procurement, and installation associated with custom OEM-made products. In addition, the CDI Series’ non-intrusive design eliminates the need to destroy the door or frame when installing the device, helping to reduce installation costs.”

Honeywell’s Relialign Commercial Door Interlock Switches serve to hold a swing door in place and also prevent it from opening when not needed or when it is dangerous. Developed with a number of design features, Honeywell’s CDI Series also comes with a door-closure retention cam to ensure greater safety, and has been designed with simplified wiring and offers easier installation. To ensure seamless and reliable operation, the series comes with a metal key which is less prone to bending and breakage or other such damage. The need for making manual adjustments has also been limited as open or exposed contacts have been minimized.

Designed to feature a custom internal solenoid control, the Relialign Commercial Door Interlock Switches bring down the complexities of the host controller, effectively lower power consumption, improve solenoid life, and also bring down solenoid “time outs,” thus ensuring improved customer usage experience. The CDI Series comes with manual override that allows for easy actuation for lowering call-backs.

The company’s Relialign Commercial Door Interlock Switches will be a part of Honeywell’s already extensive product line featuring two residential versions: a metal housing version (RDI Series) and a plastic-molded housing version (RDI2 Series). To address commercial applications, the CDI Series has been designed to deliver a greater pull force than the RDI Series or RDI2 Series. Additionally, the CDI Series comes with a longer mechanical life, a desirable requirement in commercial applications.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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