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February 08, 2013

Mocana MAP to be Unveiled Soon

Mocana (News - Alert) Corporation, a renowned company in mobile app and smart device security, as well as an innovator on securing the “Internet of Things” that takes a security approach to resolving "device integrity problems," has put together the funds to scale for the company's mobile and device security platform; this includes providing software to help IT to secure the mobile enterprise with the MAP program. Mocana says it is the only mobility solution for separating app security from app development, as it is intended to fix app security problems that bottleneck enterprise app developments, as well as mobile app developments.

Basically, MAP provides mobile data protection and is able to protect corporate data more securely than ever before as a result of a wrapping method, which allows developers to "test-wrap" their apps as necessary to ensure they are secure without any re-writes. Fundamentally, it adds security around mobile apps. The result is a Self-Defending App.

This is a developer program that ensures mobile apps are enterprise ready. It has the capability of securing mobile applications instantly without the need for source code or SDK integration. This means developers or one’s IT team do not need to examine or enforce security, as the app does the job on its own to enforce authentication on business-critical apps. 

Other than protecting corporation data through self defending mobile apps, it also provides IT control for enterprise apps on iOS and Android (News - Alert) devices. Even more, it offers flexibility to vary security, empower organizations to exploit BYOD with agility, and it can meet varying security policies of an enterprise, such as encryption for data-at-rest and data-in-motion on devices.

According to Mocana, the MAP program is suitable for any business to take on mobile application security as it simplifies large-scale app deployments and provides exceptional flexibility in meeting security requirements. In addition, it can meet business objectives to apply enterprise grade application security in a timely manner (without access to source code) in order to protect company information and enable users to employ true FIPS 140-2 encryption (both on iOS or Android). It can also create time-based access control policies, as well as extend and enhance user authentication options.

The Mocana Mobile App Protection (MAP) software will be unveiled at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA (News - Alert) 25 February to 01 March, which focuses on “Security in Knowledge.”

To learn more about the benefits of Mocana MAP, visit their website here.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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