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January 30, 2013

Atiz Introduces New Smartphone-Dependent Post-PC Scanner Device

Atiz Innovation, a company specializing in book digitization hardware, has announced a unique post-PC scanner, Scandock, which utilizes smartphones to capture and store professional-grade, high-resolution images.

Offering the best of both worlds – the convenience of a smartphone and high quality scans offered by professional scanners, Scandock features a sleek design with attributes such as an aluminum base, silicone flat mat for document placement, switchable iPhone (News - Alert) docks or universal smartphone docks, crystal plexiglass neck, and dual-track lighting arms.

Weighing about 9.35 lbs, the Scandock device has a scanning area of 12 inches x 16 inches and the total dimension is about 17.5 inches (L) X 20.5 inches (W) X 15 inches (H). It is available in black, silver and transparent color options.

In order to use the device, users are required to first download the Scandock app on their smartphone. Some of the compatible smartphones include Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPod touch (5th generation) as well as most of the Android (News - Alert) phones such as Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and HTC One X.

To scan documents, users are required to place the item to be scanned on the silicone flat mat, and insert their smartphone into the dock provided exactly above the silicone flat mat.

Once the smartphone is placed into the dock, the Scandock device automatically turns on the two adjoining lights, which are meticulously designed to provide even light distribution with no glare. Then, the user can open the downloaded Scandock app on their smartphone to capture high-resolution images of the document.

Images captured with a camera on a smartphone produce low-quality output. Whereas, images captured using Scandock are of high-quality and true color as it features special color pad, called the Image IQ.

The Image IQ provides color profile information embedded in every scan. With the help of this, the Scandock app utilizes that color profile information to auto-correct every image and produce true-color scans.

“The quality of Scandock’s true-color scans clearly sets it apart from other portable scanning devices,” said, Nick Warnock, CEO of Atiz Innovation (U.S.A.), in a statement. “Scandock provides the best way to obtain high-quality scans in a post-PC world.”

In addition, the Scandock facilitates users to create PDFs, edit images, e-mail or upload images, or air print to a nearby printer. Users can even organize or group multiple documents together as a single PDF file.

Apart from neatly organizing all the scans in a library stored on the smartphone, Scandock can capture many items, such as receipts or business cards, in a single shot when in Multi-Doc mode. The app can even auto-crop and separate the items into individual documents.

“We envision that every modern workplace that needs professional output will eventually replace their conventional multi-function printers with Scandock,” said Sarasin Booppanon, CEO of Atiz (Thailand), in a statement. “Libraries, law firms, schools, medical offices, insurance companies, government agencies – the possibilities for Scandock locations are endless.”

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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