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January 30, 2013

Gluu's Cloud Identity Platform Integrates with WiKID Systems

Two-factor authentication systems have been used for a long time by companies, as it provided improved security at places where authentication is needed. It also reduces risks and the chances of hacking are reduced. 

Offering two factor soft-token authentication to its users, Austin-based cloud identity company Gluu has partnered with WiKID Systems. According to this partnership, Gluu will provide integration facilities with WiKID Systems.

This will be helpful for cloud, mobile and network applications, which need soft token two-factor authentication to work. WiKID can be used as one step and two factor authentication. It can also be used in a two-step authentication. Here, the user will be first asked for a username and then for a password, which will be authenticated in an Active Directory.

Gluu Cloud Identity platform, which is integrated with WiKID Systems, provides single sign-on (SSO) options to various web and cloud applications. The solution uses next-generation identity standards to authenticate the users and provide optional support for advanced technologies, such as OpenID Connect and Multi-Factor Authentication.

“While securing corporate VPN access continues to be the main driver for two-factor authentication, we are seeing substantial growth in the need to secure cloud-based offerings, which really require SSO," said WiKID Systems CEO, Nick Owen. "Many smart IT people combine their two-factor roll-out with single sign-on to add security while increasing ease of use. For this reason and others, we see our partnership with Gluu as mutually beneficial.”

In 2010, the company announced that it was making use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for its WIKID Strong Authentication Server. The company has been using Red Hat (News - Alert) IT products for a long time, as products running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 are easier to deploy and run, the company has stated.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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