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January 30, 2013

Comverge Announces New DirectLink Series of Energy Management Solutions

Reputable provider of intelligent energy management solutions, Comverge, Inc., today announced the release of its IntelliTEMP DirectLink thermostats and IntelliPEAK DirectLink digital control units (DCU).

Comverge’s DirectLink solutions are aimed at cutting costs associated with the implementation of two-way demand response programs. Through user broadband connections and cell network signals, the new thermostats and DCUs afford additional flexibility to utilities when rolling out more efficient, cost-effective demand response programs.

This will also reduce the need for investment in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), though utilities with AMI already deployed will see their investment enhanced by Comverge’s DirectLink solutions and consumer engagement and data analytics capabilities it offers.

DirectLink has been reported to improve communications between utilities and their users by providing almost instantaneous feedback, presence and telemetry of all demand response devices. These features improve demand response cost effectiveness in a number of ways, according to Yahoo, including the following:

  • “More precisely forecasting load drop available for a control event”
  • “Monitoring the actual performance of connected devices and load drop during an event and enabling real-time adjustments to the control strategy to achieve goals”
  • “Calculate measurement and verification results based on the entire set of demand response devices involved in the control event as compared to relying on post-event sampling techniques”
  • “Enabling deeper consumer engagement, including personalized "actionable tips" via enhanced analytics”

CEO and president of Comverge, R. Blake Young, explained that their new DirectLink product suite would make demand-side management programs viable for investor-owned, municipal and cooperative utilities. These IP-based solutions, he went on to explain, are dramatically reducing the costs normally associated with sophisticated inter-party demand response programs, while still offering communication-enhancing tools with which utilities can interact with customers.

This combination will allow demand response programs to capitalize on the integration of direct load control, dynamic pricing and inter-party engagement as well, by making them into larger players in the national energy sphere.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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