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January 16, 2013

FireEye and Imperva Successfully Integrate Solutions to Help Enterprises Withstand Advanced Cyber Attacks

FireEye (News - Alert), a provider of solutions to stop next-generation threats, and Imperva, a data security solutions provider for high-value business data, reportedly integrated their solutions in order to help companies overcome the threats posed by advanced cyber-attacks and protect valuable information assets from devious malware and compromised insiders.

Ashar Aziz, founder, vice chairman and CTO of FireEye remarked, “The most valuable asset a company owns is its intellectual property and the proprietary information it generates. Cybercriminals and nation-state sponsored attacks are motivated by profit and ideology to steal this information, and insider threats, both malicious and unintentionally compromised, are a primary conduit to this information.”

Imperva added that the sophistication of attacks has been steadily increasing and compromising traditional defense mechanisms, and advanced threats need a new breed of products that can detect compromised insiders and malware across Web, e-mail and file share attack vectors to minimize data risks.

Recent studies revealed that up to three-fourths of breached data incorporated malware and most enterprises are completely unprepared to deal with it. Data security analysis acknowledged that present day advanced cyber-attacks seamlessly breach traditional signature-based security controls and can go undetected over longer periods of time. Overall, the hidden intent of these attacks are not to take down networks or endpoints, but to decimate business itself.

FireEye and Imperva joined forces to deliver offerings that are capable of protecting critical applications, data and intellectual property from these types of attacks.

Imperva claimed that it provides a comprehensive business security suite designed to secure business data and application systems in the data center, from storage in a database or on a file server to consumption through applications, by monitoring and controlling all data usage and business transactions across these systems.

FireEye maintained that it offered advanced automated techniques that supplement traditional defenses, adding integrated inbound and outbound protection to combat today’s stealthy Web and e-mail threats.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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