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January 09, 2013

Have You Met Cologix?

The Internet is a heck of a big thing. There are currently thousands upon thousands of networks which work to help achieve seamless interconnection, but in order to efficiently utilize these networks, and ultimately the Internet, you need to be equipped with the right tools. For any organization reliant on this kind of interconnection – who isn’t? – these tools are vital to ensuring and maintaining growth and success.

Cologix is a company who makes it easier for you to gain access to these key elements and tools. As a network neutral interconnection and collocation company offering over 300 network choices and 11 prime interconnection data centers, Cologix provides massively scalable interconnection services and secure, reliable collocation services in densely connected, strategically located data centers.

Image via Cologix

I was able to sit down with Grant van Rooyen, president and CEO of Cologix, who divulged what makes this relatively new company – conceived in 2010 – an industry-leader in the data center and collocation space.

“For us, interconnection is not just two product names – interconnection and collocation. It ultimately is the most cost-effective and efficient access and scale to the broadest range of networks available in the markets in which we operate,” van Rooyen, who has over 14 years of experience in the communications industry, explains.

 “When people talk about the confluence of interconnection and collocation, I think it’s insufficiently appreciated that these points of network density are fundamentally crucial to the ability to adopt and utilize the Internet as we know it today, and as we hope it will be tomorrow.”

Bottom line: There’s no one single network that can seamlessly connect content, users or consumers to one another. As van Rooyen explains, “In order to efficiently utilize [these] networks and the Internet, one needs to be at the most dense locations of those networks. We provide access to that dense network.”

This, van Rooyen says, is essentially the bread and butter of the company. Its ability to provide these highly sought after and valuable locations is what keeps its customers (already over 550 and growing) fulfilled, as it allows them to be far more efficient in such things as how they manage their costs, access networks and how they scale their businesses and infrastructure.

Clearly, Cologix is no underdog – the company lets the facts speak for themselves. Having only been about two years in the game, the company already touts some of the world’s largest institutions as being reliant on its collocation services as well as its correlated access to those networks.

So amid a rocky economy where business attrition is unfortunately becoming the norm, what exactly spelled out Cologix’s success? A few things, actually.

For one, although the company is relatively new, its heart and core was established much earlier, having acquired a number of esteemed businesses boasting high relevance and a much longer legacy in the space. With a mix of having its foundational position established years prior to it becoming officially operational as well as at just the right time, or what van Rooyen describes being “at the birth of the modern Internet,” Cologix knew it was well on its way to greatness.

Since then, Cologix takes pride in its single platform offering, or what van Rooyen mused is the company’s “ultimate benefit.” This unique capability allows for its customers to branch out to an extension of reliable locations, rather than being restricted to only one. For example, upon becoming a part of what van Rooyen calls “the Cologix family,” a Montreal-based customer can be served in a number of locations available via Cologix’s robust platform – such as Toronto, Vancouver, Minneapolis Dallas and wherever else they happen to be located.

And the best part is, Cologix’s customers essentially never have to worry about the quality of these services, as another defining element of the company is its “all or nothing” perspective. In other words, there is no tolerance or room for error or infrastructure instability. “We are very focused on and extremely committed to investing aggressively to upgrade and improve our infrastructure, and therefore the redundancy and the customer experience that our customers ultimately enjoy as being a part of Cologix. We want them to have ultimate confidence in being a customer of ours,” van Rooyen concludes.

It is this commitment, dedication and sheer expertise which has sprung Cologix to new, unmatched heights, where its loyal, satisfied clientele is all the proof one needs to see. There is no doubt that 2013 will be yet another booming year for this young data center, which plans to continue its excellence as a thriving contender in the space.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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