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January 07, 2013

Reliable Recovery Solution for the Essar Group

Simply put, Essar Group is consistently looking for ways to simplify its jobs, and now with the help of Sanovi Technologies, this dream has become a reality.

Sanovi’s expertise has drastically helped the software engineers at Essar Group; in fact, they can now easily track element of its business that need further attention for unmatched efficiency and productivity.  In the management of IT infrastructure, one thing is for sure – recovery is always a part of the entire process. In light of this, according to Essar Group’s management, there were a series of rigorous testing and monitoring.

“The number of hours was reduced from 16 hours to five hours only,” added Jayantha Prabhu, head of the IT department at the Essar Group.

Quality has also always been a part of the equation, where most SAP (News - Alert) functionalities require DR implementations. DR management has been the concern of Sanovi Technologies for huge and medium-sized companies alike.

In the case of Essar Group, the IT head and his subordinates were very much impressed from the end-results, as IT professionals are known to give precedence to the specific period of recovery.

Users and companies are increasingly discovering the important of DR services, which are critical to both improving business and attracting potential clients in the near future; however, it is a fact that not all firms are ready to accept the benefits of DR management today.

Budget is also important for most business owners. Some reports show that it is a major requirement to consider the total number of databases before implementing recovery solutions. Needless to say, having a proper estimate will give IT managers some ideas on which ones to prioritize.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait and watch these things slowly but surely change. 

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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