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January 07, 2013

Prolexic Releases Advisory on DDoS Threat

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation provider, Prolexic, has released a threat advisory on the “itosknoproblembro” DDoS Toolkit.

This threat advisory includes specific DDoS mitigation techniques to detect and neutralize itsoknoproblembro, a harmful weapon known for making DDoS attacks against the U.S. banking industry.

In addition to threat advisory, Prolexic has released a suite of detection and mitigation rules, a log analysis tool and a comprehensive threat advisory on the itsoknoproblembro DDoS toolkit.

The itsoknoproblembro kit is considered to pose a very effective, multilevel threat, and is used by many hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities in Web content management systems.

The toolkit first infects Web servers with malicious PHP scripts and then leverages a unique, two-tier command mode to launch multiple high-bandwidth attack types simultaneously.

Prolexic’s newly released threat advisory on the itosknoproblembro DDoS Toolkit profiles 11 different attack signatures and provides detailed SNORT rules for DDoS mitigation.

“Our security experts have successfully mitigated this threat multiple times, in tense, real-time digital battles,” said Prolexic chief executive officer, Scott Hammack. “This toolkit, which was dangerous to begin with, has been evolving rapidly over the past year, and has been increasingly used in coordinated campaigns targeting specific industries.”

Those interested in the complimentary copy of the full DDoS threat advisory can download it at Prolexic also intends to reveal additional information on the itsoknoproblembro attacks and other recent DDoS trends in the Prolexic Q4 2012 Global DDoS Attack Report.

Details are scheduled to be revealed later this month.

Prolexic was in the news last year for adding an extensive glossary of DoS and DDoS terms to its online Knowledge Center.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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