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December 19, 2012

Kaon Interactive Unveils Free-Standing Interactive Product Demonstration Rack for Network, Telecom Marketers

Kaon Interactive has launched a free-standing interactive product demonstration rack, Kaon v-Rack, for network and telecom marketers. The new product enables an interactive, highly-realistic and engaging way to demonstrate and differentiate complex telecom rack-based products and solutions.

The new rack is an all-in-one, fully integrated unit that combines a physical server rack with two 42-inch Kaon v-OSK high-definition touchscreen appliances. The touchscreens showcase interactive 3D Product Models and allow prospects to experience virtual products from every angle, explore options and features and control their own personalized experience based on individual preferences.

The products also offer a virtual marketing repository for all of a telecom company's content, incorporating their 3D Product Models, collateral, network flow diagrams, presentations and more. The Kaon v-Rack provides users with an innovative way to virtually demonstrate their entire family of storage, switches, servers or routers.

Now, customers can engage with 3D Product Models on interactive touchscreens mounted within an actual rack, creating a user experience relevant to a real-world environment. This generates more conversation around products, giving companies a much better understanding of their customers' needs, allowing them to demonstrate and communicate product features on the 3D Product Models that companies wouldn't have been able to show, even if the physical products were present.

Gavin Finn, president and CEO at Kaon Interactive, said, "It is impossible to take a seven foot rack that weighs 1000 pounds, put it on its side, and demonstrate how products can be configured within it. Telecom products previously excluded from trade shows, due to shipping cost and size, can now be demonstrated virtually and prospects can view network infrastructures and connectivity systems that were not possible before, even when physical products were present.”

“Our new Kaon v-Rack allows marketers to clearly show their competitive product differentiation on the expo floor, while virtually showcasing entire product solution sets," he said.

Recently, the company announced enhancements to its Kaon 3D Product Models and 3D Mobile Product App platform, bringing a new level of product detail and mobility when demonstrating and communicating complex products. With these new features, B2B marketers and salespeople can more easily differentiate products virtually to prospects, telling product stories more effectively and efficiently on mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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