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December 17, 2012

ICT is Heating Up in 2013

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a rapidly evolving space dealing with such things as the storage, retrieval or transmission of digital data and how they work together. Some consider ICT to be an “umbrella term” that can include virtually any communication device or application, such as radio, television, cell phones, computer and network hardware and software or satellite systems, as well as the services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing. ICT is often associated with such industries as education and healthcare.

One can easily see how much unlocked potential there is in this growing space. In light of this, IT professional and ICT expert Peter Karaszi divulges a taste of what the top executives from five global ICT companies see as the strongest industry trends in 2013.

Of course, you have the increasing mobility trends and its adoption in the workplace as well as fixed-mobile divergence, but one which was especially interesting was what David King (News - Alert), CEO at Flexenclosure, calls the “Green telecom trend,” a prediction combining both green efforts and the escalation of mobility to see how each works with one another in the future.

Essentially, the green telecom trend refers to the theory that mobile operators will begin making their operations more environmentally friendly. For example, powering base stations in developing countries with dirty diesel fuel is only one of many reasons to make this important shift to green, King notes, adding that it is not good for the brand nor the bottom line.

In looking ahead at serving the mass amount of mobile customers to come, King notes that this group can be found in “emerging markets, with low average revenue per user and non-existent or bad access to the grid, so focus will be on keeping operating expenses low.” For example, instead of powering base stations in developing countries with dirty fuel, a move will be made to doing so with energy efficient systems and renewables.

Last but not least is the global data boom, which King expects to make a significant change for mobile operators. He explains, “The global data boom will force mobile operators to evaluate their business models. Focus will be on lower operating expenses and taking a step wise approach to investments. Operators cannot easily raise prices for data or predict traffic flows and new services provided.”

David King is a specialist developer of intelligent power management systems and pre-fabricated data centers for the telecom industry. Boasting more than a decade of experience as an international executive with industry-leading insight.

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Edited by Rich Steeves

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