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December 13, 2012

Arbor Networks Welcomes Tata Communications into its Cloud Signaling Coalition

Recent successful DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have highlighted the vulnerability of even the most secure networks in the world. These types of attacks cripple a business for unspecified amounts of time, and for companies that rely on 100 percent uptime, a single minute could be very costly. By joining Arbor Networks’ Cloud Signaling Coalition (CSC), Tata Communications (News - Alert) is protecting its networks with one of the most reliable security solutions in the market.

The CSC is made up of data center operators, service providers and enterprises to make sure their network infrastructure is available when DDoS attacks take place. Arbor’s security platform offers protection to data centers by giving operators the choice of mitigating the attack in the cloud by triggering an alert to infrastructures that are upstream. Congestion that is upstream will slow down or be eliminated, protecting the service without stoppage. Additionally, the system provides real-time monitoring of the data center and detailed post mortem reports on the steps taken to mitigate the attack.

“Arbor has worked with Tata communications for many years, helping to secure its network and enabling it to deliver profitable in-cloud managed security services. With the Cloud Signaling capability, we are bringing together all stakeholders to address the DDoS threat to availability in a comprehensive, automated manner. Having a global telecommunications leader such as Tata Communications join CSC (News - Alert) is a great validation of Arbor’s position as a solution supplier and trusted partner,” said Arbor Networks president, Colin Doherty.

Tata is a global communications provider in emerging markets. It provides advanced managed solutions for multi-national enterprises and consumers in India and many other countries. The company’s global network is part of one of the largest Tier-1P underwater cable networks with connectivity to more than 200 countries around the world across 400 PoPs. It has close to one million square feet of data center and colocation space globally. The size of the network it manages necessitates a security solution that will protect it not only from DDoS attacks, but all other forms of cyber-attack exposure.

“Tata Communications has a globally distributed, cloud-based DDoS detection and mitigation infrastructure that protects our customers’ IT infrastructure from being blocked from the web. That infrastructure is working for our customers 24x7. Many of our customers are experiencing application-layer DDoS attacks that are just as dangerous as traditional network-layer volumetric attacks, and these are often most effectively mitigated at the edge of the customer’s network with the Pravail device, with is seamlessly integrated with our network-based infrastructure through Arbor’s Cloud Signaling Coalition. With Pravial and the Cloud Signaling Coalition, we are expanding our capabilities to protect our customers and extending Tata communications’ leadership position in managed security service,” said Eric Hemmendinger, head of product management for managed security services, Tata Communications.

Whether DDoS attacks are coming from an individual, criminal organization, cyber-protest or foreign government the best way to combat them is with a collaborative and coordinated effort.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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