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November 30, 2012

Tivoli Storage Manager for Centralized Data Backup and Recovery

By TMCnet Special Guest
Deney Dentel , CEO for NordiskSystems

When you’re relying on a storage manager for data backup and recovery, you want to make sure that everything is centralized, which is Tivoli in a nutshell.

Like it or not, data storage is one of the most important parts of your business’ operation. If you deal with a large amount of computerized data – and let’s face it, most businesses do – backing it up with some kind of storage and recovery program is essential to the existence of your business. It may seem like a mere trifle, especially to more established companies and their respective directors, but anybody who’s had a total system failure will tell you how much they appreciated their backup and recovery… or how much they wish they’d been equipped with it.

Necessity Breeds Innovation

Data backup and recovery have come quite a long way in the past 20 years. Starting off as tapes or hard discs, manually operated and requiring a separate staff of dedicated techies, the increasing demands brought about by widespread computerization and automation in the business world have put tremendous innovative pressure toward the development of advanced storage technology. Today, we have dozens of high level competitors battling it out for the lion’s share of the backup market.

Different businesses have very different recovery requirements, which is why there are so many backup and recovery server providers. Some of them, however, have the flexibility, power, and reputation to appeal to a very broad cross-section of the business world. IBM’s (News - Alert) Tivoli Storage Manager fits this role like no other.

The word here is centralization. This doesn’t just mean having one storage server for all the devices in your computing constellation. No, centralization involves much more; it’s the appropriate hardware and software for the coordination, configuration, and virtualization of all important data. A simple storage server can store all your data, given the appropriate amount of memory, but what it does with your data is much more important.

A Powerful Brand

Tivoli Storage Manager is fully backed by IBM, one of the oldest and most respected companies in the business. Such a successful corporation is successful for a reason… IBM hires only the best and brightest engineers and developers for all their products. Each one must excel in every critical category before it is even considered worthy of bearing the hallowed trademark. Tivoli Storage Manager is no exception to this.

The security and recoverability of your business is more essential than ever, thanks to computerization. Yes, computers are wonderful tools. They’ve made countless jobs easier, and have created thousands more of them. But they are fickle facilitators. Viruses, power outages, and general system failures all have the potential to spell horrible disaster for your enterprise.

If you’re going to computerize your business, and it’s most likely that you will if you already haven’t, the tech guys are going to tell you that you need backup too. Don’t ignore their advice. Losing all your data to some ridiculous little flaw in the universe will probably put you out of business. Tivoli Storage Manager will help you to avoid this fate, and will do so in elegant and intelligent fashion.

Deney Dentel serves as CEO for NordiskSystems, Inc. Nordisk Systems makes cloud computing easy. They offer Tivoli storage manager, server, desktop, and even network virtualization solutions. Nordisk has expertise in VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V and especially PowerVM.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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