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November 19, 2012

Netlist Showcases HyperCloud Memory at Upcoming Conference

Netlist, Inc. will be exhibiting its groundbreaking memory offering, HyperCloud (HCDIMM) at the Supercomputing Conference. An all-inclusive performance standard of HyperCloud will be showcased by Netlist.

As part of the presentation, two Intel (News - Alert) Romley-based servers, run by SiSoftware on SANDRA 2012, will be compared by Netlist. Continuous memory bandwidth, irrespective of burst or peak, is measured by SANDRA benchmark. This benchmark can therefore be applied to numerous HPC software programs, where data is very important, in a straightforward manner.

Netlist will be outfitting one server with 768GB of the industry customary 1333MHz 32GB LRDIMMs and the second server with an equal quantity of HyperCloud 32GB HCDIMMs.

Both servers were run with a completely loaded SANDRA, with three DIMMs for every memory channel, at one frequency of 1333MHz. According to benchmark outcomes, the server outfitted with HyperCloud memory displayed a 39-percent increased throughput than the server outfitted with LRDIMMs, demonstrating lower latency and superior performance of the HyperCloud memory system.

A disseminated buffer architecture was used by HyperCloud memory to decrease latency. HyperCloud memory is also integrated with Netlist’s original rank multiplication and load reduction technologies. An increased DRAM capacity is possible with rank multiplication.

The memory loading interface has been decreased by load reduction, making it possible for HCDIMMs to run at higher speeds at the highest capacity.

In a statement, C.K. Hong, CEO at Netlist said, “As companies today increasingly process and capitalize on big data, there’s an increasing need for more memory in servers. However, memory performance in these servers is not keeping pace with processor technology, creating a high-density memory cliff. HyperCloud breaks this bottleneck and allows servers to operate at their peak potential. By doing so, HyperCloud increases performances of applications in such key areas as securities trading, analytics, virtualization and simulation.”

The three best-selling servers from IBM (News - Alert) and HP have been incorporated with HyperCloud, and are now available commercially. Several high-performance computing applications in industries like electronic design automation, financial services, oil and gas, aerospace and automotive have also deployed HyperCloud.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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