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November 15, 2012

RF Micro Devices Intros GaN UPTs

RF Micro Devices (News - Alert), a provider of radio frequency components and compound semiconductor technology, has unveiled the availability of two highly linear gallium nitride (GaN) RF unmatched power transistors (UPTs).

Jeff Shealy, vice president and general manager of RFMD's (News - Alert) Power Broadband business unit, said, “RFMD's GaN product portfolio clearly demonstrates our continued commitment to technology and product leadership, and we look forward to introducing additional GaN devices that feature superior power density, high efficiency, rugged dependability, and 'green' power consumption advantages.”

The RFHA3942 and RFHA3944 are targeted toward continuous wave (CW) pulsed peak power applications. The GaN amplifiers are geared toward broadband uses that need linear back-off and reduced spurious performance.

The power translators are designed to broadband applications requiring improved performance over high peak-to-average modulation waveforms. They can be tuned to a variety of frequencies ranging from DC to 4 Ghz. The RFHA3942 has a peak power output of 35 watts and the RFHA3944 has a peak output of 65 watts. The high gain on both of them is 15 decibels, and the high peak efficiency is 55 percent.

With an IS95 9.8dB PAR signal tuned to 2.1Ghz, the RFHA3942 manages -43dBc adjacent channel power (ACP) at 34dBm POUTm and the RFHA3944 achieves RFHA3944 achieves -54dBc ACP at 37dBm POUT.

Both devices have high terminal impedance at both the input and output, giving them wideband gain and power performance. The devices are packaged in a flanged ceramic two-leaded package that takes advantage of RFMD’s heat sink and heat dissipation technology.

RFMD has also recently announced the availability of a Front End Module (FEM), the RFFM6903 for smart meter/smart energy infrastructure and ISM band applications.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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