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November 14, 2012

Plex Systems Provides ERP for Manufacturers through the Cloud

Plex Systems has been providing ERP solutions for manufacturers for more than a decade. The company started as an internal IT project for an automotive company in the 90s and spun out as business in 1995. The company provides its services 100 percent out of the cloud and has been doing so since 2001, since before the cloud was known as the cloud.

I sat down with David Shugars, senior systems engineer at Plex, at the recent Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California. We discussed the company, its position in the space, and the future.

By leveraging the cloud, Plex can provide instant upgrades to its solutions, so customers don’t have to worry about applying these upgrades; they are available as soon as companies want to implement them. Many companies have faced a high failure rate on ERP over the years, but, according to Shugars, the failure rate for cloud-based solutions are a lot lower and time to utilization and ROI are faster, so many companies are making the switch.

Shugars discussed several of the benefits of the Plex solutions. A few years down the road, he said, there would be no need for a hardware refresh or upgrade. In the near future, he sees Plex as a category killer for ERP the way Salesforce is for CRM. Because of Plex’s experience in the space, it can meet the needs of manufacturers, who are required to enter data all day long and use several types of standard tools. Right now, Plex boasts more than 800 customer companies and 50,000 users, but hopes to grow exponentially in the next few years.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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