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November 14, 2012

DataDirect Networks Unveils Hybrid Flash Storage Appliance

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced its next-generation scale-out storage platform, The SFA7700 hybrid Flash storage appliance with SFX acceleration.

Big data continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. To accelerate workflows, gain valuable insight, shorten time to discovery and gain a competitive advantage, companies are looking for innovative ways to get the maximum value from their big data.

Storage is an important component, though, and selecting the right storage platform can make or break those initiatives.

DataDirect’s innovative modular, scale-out appliance introduces a whole new level of performance to data-intensive applications such as government intelligence, computational simulation, Web and big data analytics and media.

Along with major data center density for both structured and unstructured data, these need multidimensional storage performance and smart storage tiering. Created for performance and capacity optimization of block- and file-based applications, the SFA7700 is a fully redundant hybrid storage platform.

“Our SFA7700 is in a class of its own as a big data building block,” said Jeff Denworth, vice president of Marketing, DDN. “It is the result of years of Big Data engineering and investment into resolving critical performance and efficiency challenges which continue to mount as data explodes across the enterprise. With an affordable entry point and the automated combination of spinning and solid state technology, the SFA7700 is the ideal Big Data platform for data-driven organizations.”

Recently, the company announced an extensive set of parallel file storage product improvements designed to improve big data and HPC workflows. It will also facilitate automated data collaboration across the cloud, ease high-scale systems management, and bridge the gap between scale-out storage to support enterprise applications.

These new capabilities from DDN are ideal for various organizational scale, and are configurable for mid-range departmental applications.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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