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November 12, 2012

Eucalyptus Systems Partners with Amazon for Private Cloud Offerings

In the world of the cloud, there is one 800-pound gorilla, and that is Amazon. AWS is the leader in the space, and there is only one company that has partnered with Amazon on the private cloud side, allowing you to run AWS in your own data center. That company is Eucalyptus.

At the recent Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California, I sat down with Brady Murray, VP of Alliances with Eucalyptus, to discuss the company’s offerings, its position in the space and its future. Murray stressed the unique relationship between the two companies, which was unofficial since the earliest days of Eucalyptus, but which was officially announced earlier this year. The two companies work together on API fidelity. When a company installs the Eucalyptus cloud on its infrastructure, it uses the same API as AWS, because the AWS API is implemented natively.

According to Murray, Eucalyptus’ main drivers lie with the security the company can provide in a private cloud. Since security is a concern for some enterprises and many government agencies, they are used to taking care of business in house. This holds true for financial and healthcare verticals especially in places like Europe that have strict personal information laws or companies that don’t want to run afoul of the US Patriot (News - Alert) Act.

Murray sees hybrid clouds as the future, and says that most companies are already using a hybrid cloud. While many companies are moving more applications to a public cloud, there are certain matters they wish to keep in house. And, if these companies don’t want two different modes of operations, and they want their external and internal clouds to look the same, they can leverage Eucalyptus to achieve that goal.

The company had its 3.0 release earlier this year and, looking forward, it is planning another release before the end of 2012. This, according to Murray, is part of the company’s goal to keep ahead of the curve in solving companies problems, including taming that 800-lb. gorilla.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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