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November 09, 2012

AdvanIDe Intros its First Contactless Reader Modules

AdvanIDe has released its first contactless reader modules that include plug-and-play readers, OEM boards and chipset solutions. These solutions target the lucrative market for NFC-enabled products that are flooding the market.

The OEM board works effectively for customers who want customization options with the plug-and-play reader board that provides functionality for creating a complete solution. In addition, the company offers chipsets and a licensing plan for clients who need highly integrated printed circuit boards (PCB) and cost efficient bill-of-materials (BOM) for high-density NFC deployment.

A lot of smartphone manufacturers are creating NFC-enabled gadgets, which has given industry analysts a reason to project an increased shipment rate for these units. Hogler Winterhalter, the head of line management with AdvanIDe, believes that the reader modules effectively use the company’s knowledge on RFID component technology, giving it a central role in the NFC revolution.

To ensure that the new NFC reader boards merge seamlessly into the user environment, AdvanIDe has availed drivers for all popular operating systems. In addition to this, the robust C# programming language takes the task of managing speed integration with PC-based systems and services without complicating the solutions design, customization and support process.

The NFC technology allows developers to come up with applications for access control, security, cashless payment, and object identification among many other operations that are crucial in the automation of daily activities.

The company seeks to better the NFC field by giving four core options to clients. The plug and play readers, available in two versions, r-MOD board version and m-MOD board version, allow users to either get a less functional pack for lesser pay or get the real thing for an extra buck.

The OEM boards come with universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) interface with a customized antenna for units installed in places where space is not a luxury and chipsets bundled for high volume uses with full customization by the OEM. Finally, the company offers a firmware license and reader IC bundle to achieve a low cost to high volume ratio.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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