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November 08, 2012

Managing the Connected World as Big Data Explodes

Two of the hottest trends in the IT market today are big data and cloud computing. With the explosion of mobile devices connected to the Internet, big data problems are only going to get more complex with time.

To bring that awareness, Oracle (News - Alert) president Mark Hurd recently cautioned the industry about the coming explosion of connected devices. Organizations will be simply inundated by vast volumes of data if it is not controlled, managed or secured.

For that, Hurd thinks businesses and government agencies must work together to seize control over the coming big data explosion.

Late last month, in a ZDNet article, Hurd said the world was “drowning” in vast amounts of data – which has grown eightfold in the past seven years – and companies are running out of space to store it all.

With more than nine billion existing devices connected to the Internet, end businesses are struggling to cope with storing the vast amounts of data they collect.

To help IT folks understand some of the implications of big data, Oracle has commissioned a new study that clearly explains the impact of billions of Internet connected devices on businesses and large organizations.

In a column posted on Forbes OracleVoice blog, Oracle’s vice president of communications Bob Evans, wrote, “If we think our challenges today are best described as ‘Big Data,’ just wait.”

In this column, Evans warns that machine-to-machine (M2M) data will further complicate the matter. While M2M connectivity provides new opportunities, there are severe problems in managing this massive stream of data.

The Oracle study talks about how businesses can take full advantage of this dynamic new world, and sheds some light on the requirements for turning M2M raw data into actionable intelligence, along with an eye toward how those demands might shift over time.

In this emerging new business model, enabled by the pervasion of connected devices, Oracle’s plans is to be an end-to-end player, stated Oracle senior vice president Chris Baker.

Edited by Braden Becker

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