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November 06, 2012

ZeusIOPS SSDs Offer High Performance Storage at Comparatively Cheaper Prices

Following the announcement that ZeusIOPS SAS (News - Alert) SSDs will be featured in the new SAN 3800 and SAN 5000 systems from Storagedata, enterprises are at the liberty of putting together these storage-attached network (SAN)applications with Storagedata’s Storage Management OS to achieve outstanding performance of over half a million input output processes(IOs) per second (IOPS).

On a light note, the ZeusIOPS is a one of a kind solid-state drive (SSD) created to improve on storage performance of enterprise applications. To achieve this, the solution creates constructs to breach the normal bottlenecks leading to latency and less throughput when accessing data stored on rotating media disk drives like hard disks and compact disks.

By cutting down on the processor wait time during the processing of input output requests tied to rotational media, any variant of the ZeusIOPS technology can use one drive to do the job of multiple hard drives. This scraps the need for additional volatile DRAM, a solution that creates a phenomenon leveling off the steep performance drop experienced when moving from DRAM to rotating media.

As expected, the combination of the STEC SSD technology with Storagedata’s OS provided mid-range companies a powerful storage appliance at a manageable unit price. This disproves the idea that SSD solutions are impressive yet expensive investments that remain to be a fantasy for small and mid-size enterprises.

Apart from giving high-performance storage at a comparatively cheaper price, the ZeusIOPS SSD units offer commendable scalability and functionality all in a low power consuming pack. The systems are on the market with iSCSI and Fiber Channel controllers with six drives on the lower end and up to 192 drives on the high end.

It is with no doubt that the ZeusIOPS SSD units will improve on server and enterprise storage performance while cutting down on the size of real estate needed to host the necessary hardware and the initial investment in the necessary pieces of equipment.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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