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November 02, 2012

Molex Incorporated Showcases MediSpec Micro-Miniature Coiling Capability

Molex (News - Alert) Incorporated, a global electronic components company, recently unveiled its MediSpec Micro-Miniature Coiling offering at MD&M Minneapolis.

The MMC technology has been designed for medical applications, including minimally invasive surgery, catheters and implanted devices. The offering is constructed of biocompatible materials and boasts a continuous length coil enabling extrusion of micro gauge wire at virtually infinite lengths.

Generally, the conventional coils produced on a lathe are restricted in length and do not always provide the tolerances needed in mission critical procedures. However, the new customizable MediSpec Micro-Miniature Coiling continues length coils and successfully meets extremely tight tolerances to 0.0254 mm outer diameter.

In a statement, Anthony Kalaijakis, medical strategic marketing manager, Molex, said: “Consistent with the Molex strategy to develop differentiated interconnects for the medical market, the MMC technology allows us to offer a wire solution to the growing market for minimally invasive and implantable interconnects.”

The MMC coils are provided with or without a retracted tube mandrel in a wide selection of high performance fluoropolymers and PTFE suitable for invasive/implanted applications.

Peter Evans, general manager of Temp-Flex,LLC., a Molex company, added, “With Temp-Flex’s expertise in specialty wire and cable products, Molex has further extended the MediSpec product offering. MediSpec micro-miniature coil provides a unique canted coil design over a hollow mandrel, which allows an extremely flexible coil for routing within the body, in addition to serving as a path for other media, such as cameras, ablation, fluid and gases.”

In related TMC (News - Alert) news, Molex Incorporated recently introduced its sealed rectangular connector system for high-circuit-count applications in harsh environments such as those found in agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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