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November 01, 2012

Aternity Announces Support for Microsoft Windows 8

Aternity (News - Alert), a provider of end user experience management solutions, announced its end user activity monitoring support for Microsoft Windows 8.

“We are further extending our Platform’s unique and comprehensive coverage of the enterprise IT environment through our support for Windows 8,” said Trevor Matz, president and CEO at Aternity. “For organizations undergoing Windows migrations, understanding real end user experience before and after the migration has always been critical.”

The Windows 8 operating system user interface is designed to be a touch interface – an advantage for remote workers using tablets. Aternity will provide the comprehensive physical, virtual and mobile end user experience management required to be implemented in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios and IT consumerization.

Aternity will help enterprises use a single but scalable platform to monitor all the transactions made by users on every Windows device. When a new operating system is launched such as the Windows 8, it becomes difficult to monitor how end users access critical applications.

The situation becomes complex as these migrations include physical, virtual and mobile environments. Aternity solutions enhance end user experience management through its Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform.

The Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform will deliver the critical business intelligence needed for organizations to migrate to Windows 8. It will also let organizations manage SLA compliance by streamlining transactions for all end users.

Aternity also provides before-and-after comparisons which will allow organizations to make informed capacity planning and compare performance in physical, virtual and mobile environments. The User-Centric Proactive IT Management feature delivered by Aternity enables proactive detection of end user problems, which reduces business disruptions especially when a new OS is launched.

It transforms all mobile, virtual and physical devices into a self-monitoring platform. Organizations will benefit a lot owing to the IT management capabilities delivered by the Aternity FPI Platform, which minimizes business disruption and increases user productivity.

Recently, Aternity announced support for VMware Branch Office Desktop with its Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform. This support allows users to see how well virtual desktop and remote workers can apply its functions, the company stated.

Edited by Braden Becker

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