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November 01, 2012

Respect Network, SWIFT Collaborate on Digital Asset Grid

Respect Network recently entered into a strategic partnership with SWIFT. The Founding Partners program from Respect Network, in association with SWIFT’s innovation proposal, Innotribe, aims to develop the pilot infrastructure and initial applications for the latest platform Digital Asset Grid.

SWIFT is in the process of recommending Digital Asset Grid for ensuring protected peer-to-peer information sharing between known people, businesses and devices.

In a statement, Kosta Peric, head of Innovation at SWIFT said, "Innotribe selected Respect Network and its Founding Partners to collaborate on the prototype of the Digital Asset Grid because we shared the same vision of a global network for trusted data exchange. Together we have created a very compelling prototype of the Digital Asset Grid servers and several of the key new applications that we believe will propel adoption."

Two pilot Digital Asset Grip applications will be showcased by the Respect Network Founding Partners at the Sibos international banking conference. The extremely common change-of-address issue affecting both individuals and businesses will be resolved by the latest mobile app, "Forever cloud address book."

The app aims to save several hours of time and effort by customers and several million dollars in expenses related to customer services for businesses. Respect Network Founding Partners will also showcase an "intentcasting" app developed by Kynetx. The fundamental aspect of Web-based shopping has been completely modified by this app, which allows the user to advertise their specific requirements on the Internet.

Only merchants able to fulfill these needs can contact the user.

Gary Rowe, former president of Burton Group, was recently chosen as CEO for Respect Network. Rowe said, "The Respect Network's mission of building a trusted network for personal data exchange and SWIFT's vision for the Digital Asset Grid for safe sharing of all types of digital assets are perfectly aligned. We look forward to the next steps in this collaboration to bring both the Respect Network and the Digital Asset Grid to market."

The Founding Partner Program was initiated by Respect Network in the spring of 2012 with an aim to enroll organizations dedicated to the sturdy personal data control securities of Respect Trust Framework.

Edited by Braden Becker

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