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October 16, 2012

Rackspace Gives Java and PHP Developers Power to Leverage OpenStack Services

RackSpace, best known for co-founding OpenStack with NASA, has released two software development kits; one for java and the other for the scripting language PHP, to enable developers create applications compatible with OpenStack services more easily. Rackspace specializes in the development and selling of public and private cloud platforms mainly based on OpenStack.

Just like OpenStack itself, the software development kits announced at the OpenStack summit in San Diego, are also open source. The company has hinted that the PHP and java tools are just but the beginning of more language support SDKs to come with plans for Python and Ruby support in the pipeline.

The software development kits from Rackspace (News - Alert) come with complete documentation to aid users to get on their feet with development of applications to leverage the feature-rich OpenStack API. Alongside this documentation are working code samples that developers can use to implement different aspects of their applications without necessarily re-inventing the wheel.

Taking the example of the RackSpace Cloud SDK for Java, we see its capability to use the clouds open-source library with full support for OpenStack Nova (Rackspace Cloud Servers) and OpenStack Swift (News - Alert) (Racketspace Cloud Files). On the other hand, its PHP variant uses RackSpace created PHP-open cloud library that supports Nova, Swift, Rackspace Cloud Databases and Rackspace Cloud Networks on preview basis.

Apparently, RackSpace is not the only one who went to San Diego armed with big inventions to leverage the growing OpenStack solution. Other OpenStack Foundation members came with great news. Cisco (News - Alert) came ready to unveil the Cisco OpenStack Distribution, a design of OpenStack that is more of a complete version of Folsom only that it is open sources.

Other announcements include opening up the Google Compute Engine API to OpenStack by Cloudscalling. Opscode came with three announcements namely, Chef Solution for OpenStack, integration through the Knife Command-line for Folsom and DreamHost’s deployment of Opscode Private Chef. These are just but a few of the big names that rose up to the occasion and graced the first day of the Openstack Summit at San Diego.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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