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October 09, 2012

Telefonica Digital Gets into 'Big Data'

Large telecommunications organizations have experience with data center operations, systems integration and complex software systems. At least some carriers also believe they can leverage “big data” to create a new line of business, either by analyzing their own data on behalf of third party customers, or by becoming “big data” analysis shops.

Telefónica Digital today announced the establishment of "Telefónica Dynamic Insights," a new global business unit, dedicated to identifying and unlocking the potential opportunities for creating value from “big data.”

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Telefónica Digital is not alone. Verizon (News - Alert) also has started a new analytics business aimed at making sense of “big data.”

The whole idea behind "big data" is the ability to analyze and then apply insights gleaned from examining the structured and unstructured data any organization generates in the normal conduct of its business. In principle, large mobile service providers generate lots of data a marketer might find useful.

"One vertical is a venue--like a sports stadium, a college campus or ski area," says Colson Hillier, Verizon vice president of precision marketing. Colson says Verizon worked with a professional sports team. The objectives were to help the client identify which types of customers attended the sports team's events, and when, Verizon says.

Among the findings was the insight that customers attending this sports team's events also attended events from other teams within a certain league, so that helped them deliver joint promotional opportunities and ticketing packages with other teams in the league.

Telefónica Dynamic Insights hopes to provide companies and public sector organizations around the world with analytical insights derived from machine to machine data, anonymous and aggregated mobile network data.

The first product, called “Smart Steps,” will use fully anonymous and aggregated mobile network data to enable companies and public sector organizations to measure, compare, and understand what factors influence the number of people visiting a location at any time.

Such analysis might help retailers tailor local offerings for existing stores and determine the best locations and most appropriate formats for new stores.

Telefónica also has also entered into a global strategic partnership with GfK, one of the world’s leading market research companies. GfK will work closely with Telefónica Dynamic Insights on product development, initially in Germany, UK and Brazil.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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