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September 28, 2012

Mason White Discusses Cloud Storage and Deployment

For all the talk about the cloud, and for how far it’s come, it still has a ways to go. Mason White, Director of Product Strategy for Symform, is well aware of this, but he knows what people and businesses need to understand about the cloud, and where its current standing is in and out of the business world.

The most important thing to understand about the cloud, according to White, is that it’s still just hardware, just not hardware you see or possess. While some commercials may advertise “the almighty cloud,” it is still regular technology like any other. “It is also not a cure-all,” he explains. “It can offer the same advantages or woes of any massive deployment of hardware managed by humans.”

As such, there are still many very real concerns about security. Fortunately, because those concerns are so important, they are slowly but steadily being resolved.

The cloud itself has reached mainstream awareness, but not yet adoption. That’s being boosted by consumer apps such as Apple’s (News - Alert) iCloud, which will in turn bring the cloud to organizations, whether or not they have an adoption strategy in place. White explains: “When companies are evaluating cloud adoption, they are typically doing so in reaction to already existing use of the cloud by employees or even by specific business units and departments.”

Businesses that do adopt cloud technology will find the best benefit comes from the immediacy that the cloud offers. Employees will be able to access information and applications at greater speeds than ever before, while deploying new software and programs will be a swift and simple task. They do, however, need to evaluate any compliance claims made by vendors to make sure the cloud systems being offered are right for them.

Mason White will be at the Cloud4SMB Expo, a part of the upcoming ITEXPO (News - Alert). He’ll be a part of the panel “Are Current Cloud Synchronization Services SMB-Ready?” in which there will be a discussion on the benefits and risks of the cloud. As for himself, he’s looking forward to conversing with attendees and receiving feedback to make Symform even better.

Want to learn more about cloud computing solutions geared specifically towards small to medium-sized businesses? Don’t miss the Cloud4SMB Expo, collocated with ITEXPO Austin 2012 taking place Oct 2-5, in Austin, TX.  Stay in touch with everything happening at Cloud4SMB Expo. Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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