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September 26, 2012

Infobright Debuts Infopliance Database Appliance for Analysis of Machine-Generated Data

More and more businesses around the globe are utilizing machine-generated data to analyze customer nature, improve service quality and make quicker and more profitable decisions. Machine-generated data, in general, is the growing volumes of real-time and historical information generated by Web logs, network logs, call detail records, security data, sensor data and more.

High-performance general-purpose database appliances that store machine-generated data are used for such analysis. However, these appliances are very expensive.

In an effort to provide the industry with a high-performance system that beaks the cost/performance barrier, Infobright – a provider of a self-tuning analytic database designed for applications and data marts – has debuted a database appliance called as Infopliance, purpose-built for fast and affordable analysis of machine-generated data.

The new Infopliance, unlike general-purpose database appliances, can scale from 12 to 144 terabytes of data in a single appliance node, and costs under $4,900 per terabyte of data at the high end – one-half to one-third the cost compared to other database appliances.

Built on the company’s patented Knowledge Grid architecture and columnar technology, the new Infopliance is uniquely tuned for the fast and efficient analysis of large volumes of machine-generated data.

The patented Knowledge Grid architecture and columnar technology, which powers the Infopliance, delivers very fast response to complex analytic queries without having to index, create projections or otherwise manually tune the database.

Available in the fourth quarter of this year, the new Infopliance features fast query processing, especially for ad hoc analysis, with no indexing, partitioning or manual tuning required, while supporting thousands of users.

Featuring a simple set-up and administration through Infobright's self-tuning and self-managing architecture, the new Infopliance is a high-availability appliance offering automatic failover, as well as backup, recovery and data protection capabilities.

It also provides easy integration with many data platforms like Hadoop, BI dashboards, traditional databases and more.

According to Infobright, it has integrated the company’s analytic database with dedicated server and storage hardware to develop Infopliance, thereby making the system a cost-effective, scalable solution for extracting insight from growing volumes of machine-generated data.

Infopliance can be installed and maintained at dramatically lower costs by pre-loading this singularly focused software directly on hardware, complete with the operating system.

"Harnessing, storing and keeping up with this exponentially growing data can be expensive,” said Phillip Howard, research director at Bloor Research. “With Infopliance, Infobright is offering a powerful yet simple-to-use database appliance that delivers the performance and scalability needed to capitalize on this swiftly growing category of big data."

In recent news, Loyalty Lane, a customer rewards program management company, deployed the Infobright Enterprise Edition (IEE) analytic database for faster point of sale data analysis.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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