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September 25, 2012

Infobright Debuts Infopliance to Data Analysis, Storage

Offering the industry's first database appliance created specifically for fast and inexpensive analysis of machine generated data, Infobright has introduced Infopliance.

Infopliance is ideal for users and applications that need to store and extract insight from increasing volumes of real-time and historical information produced by Web logs, network logs, call detail records, security data, sensor data and more.

Offering administrative simplicity, dependable analytic performance and scalability to 144 terabytes of data in a single appliance node, the combined hardware/software solution enhances the value of Infobright’s innovative database technology.

Supporting from 12 to 144TB of data without any hardware change, an Infopliance includes two servers and two storage nodes. These rackmount units, 7U in total, are ready to be connected into a standard Ethernet network.

With built-in RAID 6 fault tolerance, the basic Infopliance contains one Application Server, one Management server and two storage units.

Along with its data compression and scalable appliance hardware, the innovative nature of Infobright's database architecture offers a simple-to-deploy and simple-to-use solution, right out of the box to companies looking to take more profitable advantage of their machine-generated data.

“We are seeing organizations move from analyzing one or two terabytes of data to 20 or 50 terabytes in incredibly short timeframes," said Don DeLoach, president and CEO at Infobright. "Many are considering multi-purpose database appliances to store machine-generated data because they like the simplicity, but they do not like the high price tag (News - Alert). With Infopliance, we are breaking through the cost/performance barrier.”

In 2009, Effective Measure selected Infobright Enterprise Edition (IEE), an analytic data warehouse technology to improve its new digital audience benchmarking solution. Explaining the methodology behind the selection of IEE, Effective Measure stated that they were looking at a powerful tool that could analyze large amounts of data.

The company also expected the tool to be scalable and have easy-to-use analytic data warehouse capabilities.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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