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September 04, 2012

City of Buffalo Strengthens its Security with Varonis' DatAdvantage

The city of Buffalo has started using Varonis DatAdvantage to manage and audit its access activity. DatAdvantage captures, aggregates, normalizes and analyzes permissions and every file access event, such as open, move and delete, for every user, allowing the city to answer the otherwise impossible questions of who is accessing which folder, what data they can see, who has deleted a file and where a file went.

Using DatAdvantage, Buffalo can look internally to see what is happening with unstructured data stored within its network. Buffalo's use of DatAdvantage has been likened by city personnel as similar to an insurance policy, much like that of car or building insurance, in that you rarely contemplate having it until it's needed, and then its importance is evident. This was tested recently following two incidences of files mysteriously disappearing.

Using the solution, city IT personnel determined exactly what had happened, and more importantly, that a genuine mistake had been made and the action was not malicious.

Varonis DatAdvantage addresses and aggregates Active Directory user and group details, ACL information and all data access events – without requiring native OS auditing – to build a complete picture of who can and who is accessing data, and who should have their access revoked.

Varonis can also lead IT to rightful data owners, so the right people can ensure appropriate access and usage. The Varonis IDU Classification framework enables IT to immediately identify folders with excessive permissions that also contain quantities of sensitive data.

Buffalo personnel are also using DatAdvantage to organize and codify legacy user account permissions associated with network resources prior to the current process for assignment via Active Directory network security groups. Some areas of the city’s Active Directory were a "bit of a basement"; since using DatAdvantage, the IT department has turned those undocumented areas into a very effective, efficient and intuitive warehouse.

Varonis Systems was recently in the news for introducing DatAnywhere, a protected and private file sharing similar to the cloud-based file sharing, thereby expanding the usability of corporate file sharing infrastructure. Conventional file server and NAS can now perform cloud-based file synchronization services like Dropbox (News - Alert) and Google Drive.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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