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July 20, 2012

Coupa Provides Cloud Spend Optimization Solutions to Major International Companies

We’ve all heard of – and have probably partaken in products from – companies like McDonald’s, Subway and Coca-Cola. But to whom do these mega-corporations turn when they are looking for procurement solutions and expense management solutions?  The one company that can meet the needs of these three giants and over 250 more is Coupa.

Coupa helps companies across many verticals, including food service, financial, retail and more. According to Ravi Thakur, vice president of customer success at Coupa, the company provides best-in-class, easiest-to-use services. When companies sign up for their services, they are able to optimize their spend through the cloud.

The key, according to Thakur, is knowing what solutions companies use, from e-mail to CRM to asset tracking software. Coupa then tracks how companies manage their spend, because all businesses need supplies, equipment, etc. In many cases, the Coupa solutions become their clients’ second most used software after e-mail, and it uses next-gen solutions and cloud technology to make deployment and development fast and simple.

The management team at Coupa is made up of people with enterprise backgrounds and a clear understanding of how enterprises work. They strive to create solutions that tie in to income and cash flow statements, which can tie back into ROI because that is the language that CFOs understand.

In fact, one of the numbers financial minds respond to is the fact that many companies that work with Coupa end up with a 13-percent savings in spend.

And when large companies are looking to compete with each other, they want every advantage the other guys have, which helped Coupa get hundreds of thousands of users across their 250 customers. The cloud model allows for simplicity and power, leveraging the Amazon cloud to create a living, breathing system.

With no on-premises system they need to maintain, customers can continue to focus on their own areas of specialization, and with these giant international corporations, what they do best is make money. And what Coupa does is save them money. Sounds like a pretty good relationship to me.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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