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July 19, 2012

Samplify Takes its APAX to the Apex of Supercomputing

The slogan of compression specialist, Samplify is “simply the bits that matter.” And the company has tested its compression solutions starting at the very top of the computing food chain, working with some of the world’s largest supercomputers, in an effort to “trickle down” to any number of enterprises in a variety of verticals who can benefit from this type of technology.

Samplify has a relationship with an oil and gas company that uses one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The company generates tremendous amounts of data by dragging 10 km of equipment through the water, sending sonic waves down to try and detect fossil fuel deposits. When the data is shoved into the company’s supercomputer, it hits a data wall, creating a bottleneck that greatly slows down the process. But when Samplify compresses the data that is fed into the processors, the oil and gas company can get its answers much faster.

So the company’s strategy has been to deploy its APAX (Application Acceleration) program at the apex of the computing world, knowing that if they can produce results for the largest supercomputers, they can establish a strong reputation and create a strong buzz for their solutions. In many cases, the Samplify team has to do a little bit of legwork to convince companies in certain verticals that compression technology is right for them.

For example, Samplify solutions are frequently used in the medical imaging field. But many healthcare decision makers are worried that, if data from an MRI or ultrasound are compressed, the resulting images would not be sufficient for doctors who need to analyze them. To help convince them that the Samplify compression solutions will work, the company can demonstrate different levels of lossless compression, starting at 2x, moving to 3x and finding the sweet spot that reduces the size of the files but still maintains the image quality. In fact, its solution allows users to adjust the compression level or adjust the quality level, which affects the other variable proportionally.

Whether it’s the search for pockets of natural gas or pockets of gas in my colon, Samplify’s APAX solution can work at the apex of computing or down at the base, passing through the data wall while retaining quality, all by focusing on simply the bits that matter.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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