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July 19, 2012


For the last eight years, Transparent Video Systems (News - Alert) (VDS) has offered complete television solutions including both services and the technology to cable companies, broadcasters, and telephone companies. Its set-top boxes are like mini Cisco’s for smaller operators and it is helping the IPTV space grow one customer a time.

Norman Gillaspie (News - Alert), president of TVS, said, “Putting in a lot of equipment is expensive, so we host and transcode in the cloud and then stream content over the network which enables users to watch their channel of choice on the device they feel most comfortable with whether it be an Android (News - Alert) device, PC or other type of smartphone. “

The company is extremely excited about its IP set top box, which is currently in production, and can load virtually any application. For operator’s, this means that they can provide another revenue stream by turning on in- home networking in the home.

A target audience that the organization is currently looking to further expand its footprint in is within the broadcaster segment, customers who can leverage this solution to send signals via an RF connection in a multi-screen format. According to Gillaspie, this offering increases efficiency and reduces costs over previous versions of IP video. It also significantly raises the bar on quality as it doesn’t stall out or buffer and can work on any 3G network.

Customer’s feedback on the products so far has been very positive. He added, “People who have seen it have been very excited about it. One major broadcaster has been particularly interested. When we roll this out, what will happen is users can gain access to every television station in the United States that is available via an IP connection.”

Some of the biggest obstacles currently arising within this industry include the fact that companies have been trying to get this product off the ground for the last 10 years and are finally getting to the point where the technology is meeting the need.

 “The need has always been there but was very expensive. IPTV (News - Alert) was not very well suited for video transmission. Just recently, I was at a TV company in the Silicon Valley who has just spent around one million dollars to put in an IPTV solution and it wasn’t working on the DSL link. The quality of surfing just wasn’t there until now,” according to Gillaspie.

The company differentiates itself from competitors largely due to the fact the Gillaspie truly understands the broadcast business and has insight that other businesses just don’t have access to.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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