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July 19, 2012

Data Virtualization Provides Multiple Benefits to Companies

It’s pretty impossible to run a large enterprise and not continuously hear about the ways in which virtualization will help you succeed in the long term. Data virtualization is key for any company in every industry and delivers multiple benefits including integrating different types of data and delivering it to customers in real-time, minimizing data replication, and reducing the physical movement of data across geographically separate locations.

I recently had the chance to speak with Suhaas Kodagali, product market manager of Denodo (News - Alert), about the ways in which his company is leveraging data virtualization to keep up with increasing customer demands.

Touted as a horizontal company with key customers in many top industries including Cisco (News - Alert) and Nationwide Insurance, Denodo realizes how vital it is to access required data quickly and to be able to run analytics with ease. In a recent success story, the company assisted a customer, who has locations in over 90 countries, bring together data from all locations, then run analytics without delay. Additionally, data virtualization lets agents who are answering calls on customer service lines to be provided with information from multiple different sources that will enable them to provide better service, up sell and cross sell, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction.

Some of the biggest benefits of virtualization are being able to reduce delivery velocity because every department uses data, get to data faster which saves hours of time and increases business value and productivity, as well as allowing employees to do what they do best instead of going around hunting for data.

Kodagali said, “The Denodo vision is to become an enterprise wide data provisioning platform. Within enterprises, there is a lot of data and our company has the capability to combine and connect to a much larger breadth of data services while simultaneously delivering exceptional performance.”

The main challenges currently arising in the industry today include the fact that there are an increasing number of data sources as well as volume and rising complexity within the data. Also, social media such as a Twitter (News - Alert) is causing an overflow of data.

Luckily, data virtualization addresses these challenges as it “can connect to multiple sources including structured, semi-structured and big data and can all be encompassed in a single unified layer,” he added.

Recently named as a leader in data virtualization by analyst firm Forrester Research (News - Alert), Denodo stands apart from competitors due to the fact that it can deliver data in a variety of different formats and is extremely cost-effective. In fact, when partnering with the business, customers can see a ROI in just under six months.

Heavily involved in trade shows, the data virtualization provider believes it’s important to increase awareness.

Kodagali commented, “Even though we have some big name customers, there is still work to be done to make sure people are aware of the benefits of data virtualization. Through meeting people that make decisions, demonstrating how our solutions work and powering presentations, seminars and training courses, we look forward to helping existing customers find new ways to leverage our offering and assisting new customers with receiving input on how to address certain challenges”

Over the next few years, data virtualization will prove to be an integral part of any company’s enterprise architecture. “I firmly believe in the potential of this solution as it increases both agility and flexibility—something any business can see multiple advantages from,” he concluded.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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