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July 18, 2012

Trend Micro Addresses Biggest Trends in Data Security

If the folks at Trend Micro (News - Alert) have learned one thing in the past 23 years, it’s that data security has to be dynamic. As threats from hackers and malware become more and more complex, companies like Trend Micro have had to become more creative with their security solutions. And with trends such as the cloud, the consumerization of IT and increased mobility present their own challenges as well.

Of these trends, perhaps the one that is most prominent in the minds of many IT professionals is the “bring your own device” movement. Even companies that tried to ignore this as a passing fad have come to realize that it is what many workers want and, in the face off increased popularity, BYOD has brought on a whole series of security concerns.  When Dan Reis, director of regional product marketing for Trend Micro sat down with TMC (News - Alert) for an exclusive interview, he talked about this trend and more.

Trend Micro estimated that there would be over 11,000 different pieces of malware this year that targeted Android (News - Alert) devices. They were wrong. A little more than halfway through the year, there are more than 27,000 Android-targeted pieces of malware. And since the convenience of BYOD is convincing more and more workers to push their IT departments to create policies to govern this type of work, Trend Micro has developed a solution that not only helps with the encryption of devices, but also allows for granular, selected wipes so companies can remove sensitive information from a former employee’s device without effecting the personal data of the owner – or the owner’s spouse.

But BYOD is not the only space in which Trend Micro is operating. Its Smart Protection Network is designed for security in the cloud. One standout feature is its reputation database. Each time a URL is accessed, it is poked to see if it ends up on a whitelist or a blacklist. The solution checks 75 to 100 billion URLs a day, blacklisting more than 200 million. It can also link these URLs to e-mails, for example, to see if a particular address is consistently sending out bad links.

According to Reis, Trend Micro’s goal is to provide a reasonable return on security. The company looks to make the installation of security applications easy, and not put too much of a burden on a company’s computing power. It wants to take advantage of all manner of trends, such as big data, to give users the most comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions available.

And in the end, isn’t that what we all want? To neither worry about security nor the burden of security?

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Edited by Braden Becker

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