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May 04, 2012

Calpont Releases Latest Version of InfiniDB to Accelerate Big Data Analytics Deployments

It is no secret that Big Data Analytics has opened up new vista in the online storage industry and increasing numbers of OEMs, and ISVs are investing in the technology. Under this backdrop, Calpont Corporation, a major player in column-oriented analytic databases, has introduced the version 3 of InfiniDB that promises to allow organizations to more rapidly digest massive data sets and gain access to new cloud computing power.

Characterized by an incredibly fast load rate (1TB per hour), the versatile InfiniDB 3 can be an attractive option for end users, OEM’s, and ISV’s investing in Big Data analytics.

This is especially important for companies in online marketing, ad serving, telecommunications, wireless and broadband network markets where large computing resources are required to maximize system availability and meet service level agreements.

Developed as a massive parallel processing (MPP) columnar solution that executes SQL written queries as parallelized map and reduction operations, InfiniDB is capable of delivering large scale, high-performance dimensional analytics, predictive analytics and ad-hoc business intelligence.

InfiniDB 3 scales for Big Data with provisioning and run-time operations on Amazon Elastic Compute Clouds (Amazon EC2). Prepackaged Amazon Machine Images (AMI) help speed deployments with the automatic provisioning of InfiniDB nodes on EC2.   InfiniDB 3 simplifies Big Data loading with new parallel data load options, customizable and scalable in a manner that is most efficient for the organization, Calpont explained in a press release.

“Today’s release boasts capabilities to capitalize on a variety of data structures and deployment variations to meet organizations’ need for a flexible and scalable Big Data architecture that is simple to deploy and maintain,” said Jim Tommaney, CTO at Calpont Corporation. “InfiniDB 3 enhances capabilities to help organizations more rapidly digest massive data sets and gain access to new cloud computing power that makes InfiniDB a versatile and attractive option for end users, OEMs and ISVs investing in Big Data analytics.”

As online media analytics grows as a sector, Calpont has shifted its core focus on such fields as interactive marketing, ad serving, content networks and telecom analysis. Version 3 of InfiniDB comes with the new parallel load capability and advanced features for running on Amazon's EC2, which includes automatic provisioning of InfiniDB nodes on EC2, as well as transparent support for EC2 virtual storage and elastic block storage policies.

Calpont is in turn expected to do well in grabbing significant parts of the market share.

Calpont Corporation was selected as a finalist for Best Database Innovation in the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) 27th Annual CODiE Awards. The CODiE Awards Best Database Innovation category recognizes the best solution for the storage, organization, management, search and retrieval of large quantities of data in a business environment for any range or combination of activities, including financial, contact, records management, research, documents and other sources.

Edited by Braden Becker

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