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March 01, 2012

Relativity Administrator Certification Received by SFL Data Experts

Christine Tocalino, litigation support analyst and Rich Regio, lead litigation support analyst at SFL Data are now officially Relativity Certified Administrators or RCAs. An RCA is able to understand the complete potential and benefits of Relativity, an online e-discovery platform used for evaluation, investigation and production. SFL Data’s existing two RCAs will now be aided by the latest RCAs to serve its law firm and corporate clients.

In a release, Christian Lawrence, CEO at SFL Data said, “It takes a delicate balance of legal and technical knowledge to offer Relativity's full capabilities to clients. With four RCAs on our team, we're prepared to achieve defensible results while accelerating review and driving down e-discovery costs. All of our RCAs are truly dedicated to maintaining expertise by studying the software and experiencing how it works in a variety of cases.”

SFL had entered into an alliance with kCura for Relativity software in 2008. In 2011, SFL was judged as the Relativity Best in Service partner, after a thorough assessment of its technical know-how, sales performance and strong references among others.

In 2011, Relativity allowed SFL Data to license the software directly to customers. Last year, Marty Fox, senior project engineer and Michael Wigginton, discovery solutions consultant at SFL Data had achieved the RCA status.

A minimum of three months experience as a Relativity administrator is necessary for being RCA certified. The administrators also need to clear the RCA exam, which comprises of written and practical components, with a score of at least 80 percent. The validity of RCA certification is one year and is applicable for all major releases of Relativity.

SFL Data is one of the first e-discovery service providers that offered a fixed-price managed service that provides Fortune 500 corporate legal departments and law firms with an innovative e-discovery function without having to build it internally.

In other news from August 2011, SFL Data expanded the service offerings in its Forensics and Collection e-discovery phase. The RemoteCollect service collects data from geographically dispersed custodians with forensically prepared hard drives. This minimizes work disruption to custodians, and eliminates the cost of onsite training and travel.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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