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February 24, 2012

Major Obstacles Toward the Global Adoption of Cloud Computing Identified By IEEE

IEEE is the largest technical professional association in the world. IEEE (News - Alert) members from all across the globe are focused on furthering the adoption of cloud computing as they look to assist businesses of all sizes address to address the obstacles that continuously challenge them in migrating to them cloud. 

Dr. Siani Pearson, an IEEE Senior Member and Senior Researcher at the Cloud and Security Lab at Hewlett-Packard (News - Alert) Laboratories said, "Providing cloud computing services means explaining the need to comply with local and global regulations and obtaining the necessary approvals when data is accessed from another jurisdiction. It is difficult to meet compliance requirements. Global legislation is complex and includes export restrictions, sector-specific restrictions and legislation at state and national levels. Legal advice is needed, and transborder data flow restrictions need to be taken into account. Collaboration is key in finding solutions to these complex issues.”

Many businesses have concerns about cloud security, privacy, and performance unpredictability and if they would get a strong return on investment.

Steve O'Donnell, IEEE Member and Chairman at Preventia Ltd., a security technology company in the UK said, "It's a huge risk, as well as impractical, to insure billions of dollars of company data, especially if you're a market leader in the space. Potential losses from losing major trading applications or logistical applications are enormous. Service providers should offer greater assurance to reduce the idea that insurance is even needed. Different types of businesses have different types of requirements, and cloud computing fits these requirements better than a traditional infrastructure. Cloud gives companies the flexibility to shape the story of their business, and the possibilities are endless."

However, there are a number of benefits in migrating to the cloud. Business will benefit from major cost reductions in the operations and maintenance of the IT infrastructure; have strong scalability and accessibility as well as smaller concerns about overloading servers and storage space.

Gordon Day, IEEE President and CEO said, "IEEE members around the world are paving the way to global cloud adoption. Their work, both in the field and as part of IEEE, has made cloud computing more accessible to both large and small companies, creating beneficial outcomes for both customer and provider. Cloud is an industry game-changer, and the IEEE is leveraging its uniquely deep and broad technological resources and expertise accordingly through our Cloud Computing Initiative, the first broad-scope, forward-looking cloud computing initiative to be put forth by a global standards development organization."

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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