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December 07, 2010

Hiring Managers Planning to Hire More IT Staff

Though the overall economy may still be struggling to revive, the job outlook for IT professionals is one reason for optimism, according to survey results from IT staffing provider Technisource.

The majority of HR managers and recruiters polled for Technisource’s “2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey” released Monday say they’re looking to hire more IT workers. Specifically, 86 percent of those surveyed who plan to hire in the next six months say they’ll do so within the tech field. And despite the woes of the economy in general, 82 percent of those polled say they’re very or somewhat confident that their own companies will improve over the next half year.

The percentage of managers who plan to hire and those who have more confidence in their own companies are both higher than they were in Technisource’s last survey report released in June.

Looking at the potential job openings, 29 percent will be for new positions, while 9 percent will be for replacement jobs, according to the survey. Most jobs will be in the area of application work (71 percent), while project management (56 percent) and infrastructure administration (50 percent) will also have positions to fill.

For IT pros looking for work, HR and technology managers say that job boards, referrals, and social media are the top ways IT talent is being recruited these days. Those seeking to hire say the type of work experience is the most important factor (93 percent), followed by years of experience (71 percent) and personality and fit within the company (65 percent).

Finally, Technisource believes that the tough economy with its hiring freezes and cutbacks is finally on a reverse course and that companies are starting to spend a bit more to regain their competitive edge. And one of the primary ways to regain that edge is through internal staffing.

For those of you who are looking for work, we’ve certainly seen reports like this before that give us reason for optimism. And that optimism hasn’t always been rewarded as the economy and job market are still fighting to emerge from one of the worst recessions in decades. But there’s no doubt that as we do come more fully out of the recession, companies will need to ramp up and recapture their footing to stay competitive. And to do that, they will need skilled and experienced IT pros.

Lance Whitney is a journalist, IT consultant, and Web Developer with almost 20 years of experience in the IT world. To read more of Lance's articles, please visit his columnist page

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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