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November 16, 2010

WiKID Authentication Server Leverages Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

As a leading provider of dual-source strong authentication systems, WIKID Systems is leveraging Red Hat (News - Alert) Enterprise Linux 6 to empower WIKID Strong Authentication Server. For the past ten years, Red Hat IT products have driven both development and deployment related project for WIKID Systems, as well as its Enterprise two-factor authentication servers.

WIKID products running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 are easier to install and manage. With the inclusion of the OpenJDK within the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform, customers can gain significant benefits since they will now be able to leverage OpenJDK for enterprise deployment.

In a press release, Nick Owen, CEO and co-founder of WiKID, said, “Now that the OpenJDK is production quality and included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, amongst many technical features advancements, our customers can skip the extra step of installing Oracle's (News - Alert) JDK. At WiKID we strive to make security user-friendly for administrators, as well as end-users, so reducing the installation steps is a big deal for us. Customers choose WiKID because of our commitment to open source, our ease-of-use, our scalability and our security.”

The patented, dual-source WiKID Strong Authentication System is a software-based two-factor authentication system that is designed to be less expensive and more extensible than hardware tokens. With the added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform, WIKID further complements the critical two-factor authentication service provided to its customers by delivering increased reliability, availability as well as security within its system. WIKID users will now have access to advanced features such as the ext4 file system, improved SELinux as well as kernel and user-space management.

In line with the common interest shared between WIKID and Red Hat Linux, WIKID is also leveraging Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Middleware for its next generation WiKID Strong Authentication server. WIKID will take advantage of the robust JBoss Enterprise Middleware to offer global load balancing via web-services thus providing increased scalability and reliability.

As an Atlanta-based technology company, WiKID Systems strives to make two-factor authentication simple, affordable and accessible to companies and organizations so as to reduce their dependence on traditional passwords that needs to be inventoried and delivered.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

Edited by Jaclyn Allard

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