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September 17, 2010

Mesilla Valley Transportation Uses TrailerTail from ATDynamics

Mesilla Valley Transportation “MVT”, a truckload transportation provider in the Southwest, operating between all major manufacturing centers of the United States, Canada and Mexico, recently announced that it is using ATDynamics, Inc.’s TrailerTail rear air drag reducing aerodynamics technology on its full fleet of 3,500 long-haul trailers.

MVT’s multi-million dollar investment is the largest after-market refurbishment of rear-drag reduction technology in the freight transportation industry’s history. The project will lessen the fleet’s diesel fuel burned by more than 1 million gallons yearly with fuel cost savings of over $3M (News - Alert) at present diesel prices. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by over 11,000 tons per year.

President Obama ordered the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency to work with industry. The target was to boost fuel efficiency of tractor trailers by 25 percent. 12 percent fuel efficiency can be delivered by the trailer aerodynamics packages from ATDynamics, counting TrailerTails. That is almost half of the target.

Royal Jones, the CEO of Mesilla Valley Transportation, said that being more efficient means being more competitive in this industry. This trailer technology is cost-effective, reliable and available today. The fuel savings MVT gets from TrailerTails provide a 50-100 percent return on capital investment in one year.

Andrew Smith, the founder and CEO of ATDynamics, commented that the new composite TrailerTail design is durable, easy to install, operate and maintain. Aside from considerable fuel savings, TrailerTails have the critical safety benefits of reducing spray at the rear of trailers in wet weather and encouraging safer driving distance between the rigid steel frame of trailers and passenger vehicles.

Based on third-party SAE J1321 testing, the TrailerTail is proven to boost tractor-trailer fuel efficiency by 6.58 percent at 65 mph. It works by lessening low-pressure suction drag at the rear of a Class 8 tractor-trailer.

The first 200 TrailerTail units of MVT will hit the road in August 2010. The remaining 3,300 units will be deployed in the next 12 months.

Vinti Vaid is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Vinti's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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